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Name:Kara Zor-El
Birthdate:Jan 28
"I've searched so long for my mother, and I never found her. You and I are the last survivors of the House of El.
And after everything that we've been through together, I had to come back to the one place in the universe that I had family."

Kara Zor-El is a member of the House of El and has all the abilities and weaknesses of a Kryptonian under Earth's sun. Kara was born and raised on the planet Krypton. As a result of having spent time with her actual biological family, Kara was very close to her Aunt Lara and fiercely loyal to her father Zor-El, younger brother of Jor-El. However, Kara has a bit of a rebellious side to her, and sometimes snuck away from Zor-El's watchful eye to have fun. She is open-minded, assertive, outspoken, stubborn, has a strong sense of responsibility and duty, and is interested in understanding and helping people. She supposedly was sent to Earth to watch over Kal-El, a job which she takes seriously and which has put her at odds with her cousin on multiple occasions, due to the fact that Clark turned out to be an adult and not the baby she expected to find. She is eager to learn, although often she would rather do things her own way than follow the directions of others, including her cousin.

disclaimer: kara is anchored in smallville canon, but borrows from other media, including super/bat #8-13 & loeb's 2005 run from #1-19. everything belongs to DC/WB. except laura, she belongs to her lovely self. both muse and mun are over 18.

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